The risk free and easy way to purchase vehicles.

What's included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy includes the FOB, Shipping, GST, Customs Clearance, Transport to the designated compliance centre and Compliance costs.

What's NOT included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy does not include paint and panel or grooming.

Will I be invoice in Japanese ¥ or NZ$?

All Nichibo SmartBuy purchases are invoiced in NZ dollars giving you landed price certainty, no matter what the exchange rate is doing.

When do I have to pay? (FOB)

The payment terms are the same as before. A payment prompt will be sent to you 10 days prior to arrival.

Can I use Nichibo SmartBuy if I'm an Auto Advance customer?

Yes certainly. We will simply invoice you $3,500 upon arrival which is equivalent to the average freight, GST and compliance you would normally pay.

Do I need to pay the customs agent or compliance centre?

Not at all. You only need to make one payment for Nichibo SmartBuy.

What do I have to do if a vehicle requires additional work to pass compliance?

Nothing. Nichibo SmartBuy guarantees a fixed price so there are no surprises.