Nichibo Japan FAQ

How do I sign up for access?

You can sign up online here, we will contact you by return email if your application is successful and we will then assign you a username & password so that you can begin using our auction service.

Please note that in New Zealand, we are a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer operation only.
In somecases we may require a deposit before we place any bids on your behalf, for security purposes.

Registration and Fees for worldwide customers

Before you are able to place a bid or an offer on a vehicle through Nichibo Japan Trading's autoSearch system, You must first pay to Nichibo Japan Trading an intial deposit of JPY 100,000.

You will receive notification your deposit has been received by Nichibo Japan Trading by email or fax.

In the event that you do not purchase a vehicle through autoSearch within 30 days of Nichibo Japan Trading receiving your deposit, the deposit will be refunded to you.

If you would like to proceed to placing bids through autoSearch please transfer ¥100,000 to our bank account:

Bank Name:   Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Branch Name:   Ise Branch
1-16-13 Iwabuchi, Ise-City,
Mie-Pref., JAPAN
Account Name:   Nichibo Japan Trading Co., Ltd.
Swift Code :   MHCB JPJT
Account Number:   466-1456472
Beneficiary's Address:   2-19-42 Kawasaki, Ise-City, Mie, 516-0009 JAPAN
How often is the auction held?

We run autoSearch auctions from Monday - Saturday. The auction is normally online 3pm the previous day Japan time(6pm NZ time the day before the auction, 12pm UK Time).

The auction is normally online for 12 hours which should give you plently of time regardless of which country you live to place bids on your target vehicles.

We close our daily auction at around 1pm Japan time.

What auction halls are included in autoSearch?

We have over 50 auction halls, with in excess of over 100,000 vehicles a week available for viewing.

Can I view vehicle images & auction sheets?

Yes, you can view vehicle images & auction sheets of any vehicle you are interested in. The auction sheet provides good guide of any dents etc which may need repairing.

Is your tender list in English?

Yes, the details of every vehicle displayed on our website have been translated into English. We provide detailed information such as grading, vehicle variant and vehicle options. Parts of the auction sheet may be in Japanese, but information on dents etc are displayed in English.

Do I need any special type of software to use your website?

We have developed our website to be as simple to use as possible. All that is required is an internet connection and a web browser to begin using our website. We do recommend a fast internet connection if you are a frequent user of our online auction service, it will make navigating through our website faster and easier.

Do you provide recent auction results or market information?

Yes, you can find current Japanese market prices among previous results. When targeting vehicles we highly recommend using the tool as a guide for estimating what a particular vehicle may sell for, as you will then be able to target your bids more accurately.

What time should I place my bids by?

Please ensure you place your bids by 8.30am Japan time (11:30am NZ time, 11.30pm UK time) so that our buying staff in Japan receive your bids in time. Late bids may be accepted, however their is no guarantee your bid will successfully go through because the vehicle may have already passed through the auction. We also prefer to inspect every vehicle to ensure quality.

Can you help with sourcing a particular vehicle?

Yes, our staff attend many auction halls all over Japan some of which not included in our online auctions service. We can help you source specialist vehicles and inspect the vehicle to ensure you receive the highest quality.

Does your online auction service provide vehicle compliance checks for NZ?

NZ customers can take advantage of our advanced online auction which filters out many of the vehicles that would not comply in NZ. Vehicle compliance is checked using the vehicle's abbreviated chassis number, and some vehicles within this tender list may not comply in New Zealand. Our buying staff in Japan will make a final inspection of the vehicle before placing a bid at the auction hall to ensure the vehicles chassis number will comply in NZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy includes the FOB, Shipping, GST, Customs Clearance, Transport to the designated compliance centre and Compliance costs.

What's NOT included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy does not include paint and panel or grooming.

Will I be invoice in Japanese ¥ or NZ$?

All Nichibo SmartBuy purchases are invoiced in NZ dollars giving you landed price certainty, no matter what the exchange rate is doing.

When do I have to pay? (FOB)

The payment terms are the same as before. A payment prompt will be sent to you 10 days prior to arrival.

Can I use Nichibo SmartBuy if I'm an Auto Advance customer?

Yes certainly. We will simply invoice you $3,500 upon arrival which is equivalent to the average freight, GST and compliance you would normally pay.

Do I need to pay the customs agent or compliance centre?

Not at all. You only need to make one payment for Nichibo SmartBuy.

What do I have to do if a vehicle requires additional work to pass compliance?

Nothing. Nichibo SmartBuy guarantees a fixed price so there are no surprises.