FloorPlan finance for dealerships

Auto Advance Finance by Nichibo enables your dealership to buy the vehicles you need on a revolving credit line improving your cashflow and growing your sales

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Grow your dealership

Our Auto Advance Finance wholesale funding service offers dealerships a way to access funding from date of purchase to the date the vehicle is sold.

By unlocking the funds you need to buy vehicles from Japan you can remove the day-to-day pressure of purchasing while improving your cashflow and growing your sales. Auto Advance Finance bridges the cashflow gap between paying Nichibo and receiving payment from your retail customer.

You can also benefit from our integrated Foreign Exchange services so you can buy vehicles and make payments in NZD to protect against future currency fluctuations.


How does it work?

Rather than use your own capital to pay Nichibo, you utilize our floor plan finance facility. We provide your dealership a line of credit against stock that is held. As the stock is sold, the debt is either repaid or new stock is purchased so at all times you can continue buying vehicles.


Flexible Terms

Flexible 1-6 month payment terms


Auto connected with Nichibo

Focus on your business rather then chasing paperwork


Flexible Funding

Repay the loan as vehicles are sold from your yard or the end of the funding term - whichever comes first.


Increase profits

Only pay interest on what you use


Easily access your statements

Instantly access your Floor Plan statements through Nichibo's secure cloud-based portal AutoSearch 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

Each facility is tailored specifically to your business based on average monthly sales plus a ratio allowing for stock in transit.

What is the interest rate?

Our facility offers a rate of 9%*. Interest is calculated daily and you're only charged via direct debit for the number of days each specific vehicle is on your facility.

When is payment due?

Payment is due within 3 days after each vehicle sale, allowing you to match your vehicle payments with the cash flow from retail sales.


We register a PPSR security for all vehicles on your facility. This security interest is removed upon confirmation of payment and doesn't affect your ability to sell the vehicle consumer finance.

How do I pay interest and other charges

You will receive a statement itemising interest, security administration charges (NZD $7) and stock audit charge (NZD $200) at the start of every month. Interest will be deducted by direct debit on the 20th of each month.

Stock Inspections

Stock checks will be conducted at your dealership monthly by an independent third party. Any vehicles not accounted for during a stock check must be paid for within 3 working days.

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