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Our purpose at Nichibo is to power success for our customers.
That means going beyond creating a leading auction platform - it means revolutionizing the vehicle supply chain.

1988 - Established in Ise Japan


Formation of Nichibo by Nobuya Yamanaka to launch a importing business of Fishery Products

1989 - Vehicle Exporting


Nichibo starts the export of used vehicles to New Zealand

2003 - Nichibo launches AutoSearch


Nichibo launches online cloud portal for dealerships to buy vehicles through the vast auction network in Japan

2004 - Launch of Auto Advance Finance


Wholesale funding service launched to offer dealerships a revolving line of credit

2006 - FastTrack Automotive Compliance


FastTrack Automotive Compliance 2006 Limited starts to comply Used Cars imported into New Zealand

2009 - Auto Finance Direct


Auto Finance Direct launches to offer retail finance facility to dealerships in New Zealand

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