Vehicle exporting
from Japan

Leading edge technology, experienced buying team, floor plan finance facility and easy
logistics - our services can cover you from vehicle purchase to vehicle sale.

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No matter what size your dealership
Nichibo has a solution that will help you sell more vehicles


Vehicle importing from Japan

Access more than 140,000 vehicles a week through 70+ auction halls - the ultimate resource for finding any type of vehicle you require.


Floor Plan Finance

Our wholesale funding service offers dealerships a way to access funding from date of purchase to the date the vehicle is sold.


Retail Car Finance

We have a full range of retail finance products to assist getting customer into your vehicles including: Auto Approvals, rates from 9.95% and competitive commissions.


Leading the way for 30 years

Established 1988

You can rely on our proven track record in exporting to ensure you get the best result, price and service.

500,000+ vehicles sold

When you buy through Nichibo you can buy with confidence that we can deliver you unmatched service, quality and speed of your vehicles.

20+ Buying Team

Our experienced and knowledgeable buying team personally inspect each vehicle prior to purchase to ensure our high level of quality.

Pre-Purchased stock available for immediate delivery

We have over 500 quality vehicles in stock ready for direct shipment to your door


Risk free buying with our SmartBuy service

Buy vehicles in Japan at a fixed NZ dollar price covering car cost, agents fee, freight, FX, customs duty, GST and compliance.

Know the fully complied NZD import cost at the time of purchase with no FX risk. Save time and buy with absolute certainty, giving you the ability to focus on growing your business rather than chasing paperwork.

Get straight to growing your dealership
Let us handle the rest