Nichibo SmartBuy

Streamlined vehicle importing

SmartBuy is the simplest way to import cars for your dealership so you can spend time closing more deals, rather than chasing paperwork.

With one NZD fixed price for vehicle, shipping and full compliance- it eliminates guesswork, risk and reduces your administration saving you time and money.

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Nichibo SmartBuy

What's included with SmartBuy?


Vehicle Costs

Purchase price, Agents fee, Odometer Verification


Takata Airbag

Airbag inspections all handled before shipment



We provide and handle the complete shipment process



Customs and MAF clearance all included



GST included and no FX risk as vehicles are purchased in NZD.


Compliance Costs

Fast and efficient vehicle compliance all included *

All for ONE fixed NZD price


Buying vehicles from Japan

Our revolutionary AutoSearch platform lets you access 100+ auction houses & 145,000+ vehicles per week allowing you to purchase from a large range of quality stock.

Our 20+ experienced buying team personally inspect each vehicle prior to purchase to ensure our high level of quality is maintained. We also certify every vehicle's odometer reading, do pre MAF vehicle inspections.

  1. 1

    Buy online through AutoSearch

    You can choose from over 500 pre-purchased vehicles, buy at auction (Monday-Saturday) or request our buying team to source you a vehicle

  2. 2

    We organise border checks, shipping & MR2A

    We handle it all, odometer, Takata Airbag checks, Customs and MAF clearance, packing, transport, delivery, insurance and vehicle compliance once your vehicles arrive in NZ. We can even do optional extras such as basic vehicle servicing if required.

  3. 3

    Done and all on one NZD invoice

    Now your vehicle is road ready you can have it delivered to your paint and panel shop or direct to your yard ready for sale.


Work while you’re on the move with Nichibo's mobile app

Buy vehicles from anywhere with our mobile app for iOS or Android. It’s easy to search auction vehicles, buy pre-purchased stock and check your account balance. So you can set up your dealership wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy includes the FOB, Shipping, GST, Customs Clearance, Transport to the designated compliance centre and Compliance costs*.

What's NOT included in Nichibo SmartBuy?

Nichibo SmartBuy does not include paint and panel or grooming.

Will I be invoice in Japanese ¥ or NZ$?

All Nichibo SmartBuy purchases are invoiced in NZ dollars giving you landed price certainty, no matter what the exchange rate is doing.

Can I buy trucks or heavy vehicles using SmartBuy?

SmartBuy is not available for trucks or heavy vehicles due to the unique specifics of these vehicles such as age, tare weight or purpose.

Do I need to pay the customs agent or compliance centre?

Not at all. You only need to make one payment for Nichibo SmartBuy.

What do I have to do if a vehicle requires additional work to pass compliance?

Nothing. Nichibo SmartBuy guarantees a fixed price so there are no surprises.

Can I buy classic cars (pre-1998) vehicles?

Yes you can, but please note the compliance cost for these vehicles is not included under SmartBuy. For classic cars you will be invoiced the compliance cost directly from the compliance center.
FOB, Freight & GST will still be included though.

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